CircleKSunkus and CSS Zoom

11 May 2015

In this, the Nth installation of the Weird World Wide Web Websites series we take a look at, purveyor of fine Japanese soft drinks and snacks.

If you load this site on a Firefox mobile browser you might think you’re up against some old -webkit- prefixed flexbox code. Or maybe one of those fun edgecase float differences between WebKit and Gecko.

screenshot of website

But nope, it’s even weirder.

$(window).bind('resize load', function(){
	$("html").css("zoom" , $(window).width()/640 );

They’re using IE’s olde non-standard CSS zoom property (that WebKit implemented back in the Safari 4 days) to retrigger a zoomed out layout on page load, which leads to a pretty harsh Flash of Un-Zoomed-Out Content (FOUZOC) if you’re on a third world internet connection (like the ones we have here in Texas).

Anyways, if you happen to work on, here’s how to do this the right way™:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=640">

More info in the webcompat bug.