Background Positions X and Y. (And

13 Nov 2013

> When it's obvious, we must _make standarts_
> - not just follow existing ones.
> Is'nt it, Captain?

> FoxFire wanna to be outsider on position-x/position-y ?
> For what?!! )))))))
> It's out of my imagination! )))

- FlameStorm

It’s been a while since I’ve been a fulltime frontend-developer*, so I totally forgot about the non-standard background-position-x and background-position-y properties.

(*Note to recruiters, don’t worry I’m still super up-to-speed on XSLT and Java and have 15 years of AngularJS and EmberJS experience, so keep those awesome LinkedIn invitations coming! Got a 2 month on-site contract in South Jersey? Perfect!)

Bug 733791 jostled my memory though. As I noted in my Thunder Plains talk, has been kind enough to update their -webkit-prefixed background gradients and layout styles, but the layout of the button text is still a little wonky.

screenshot of some buttons on the mobile version of

You see, the “home food”, “mom tech”, “style money” and “health crafts” buttons should actually look like this:

screenshot of some buttons on the mobile version of, as seen in a WebKit browser

 .ChannelListing .mom-tech{

Of course, it’s not too much work to combine those into a single background-position property and then it works everywhere. What’s more interesting to me is the fact that Firefox is now the only browser that doesn’t support this non-standard IE invention (with Opera having sacrificed Presto to pay tribute to Blink, thereby gaining support). Bug 550426 was opened in 2010 requesting that support be added. Comment 21 suggests that it’s a damned if you do (possibly break getComputedStyle), damned if you don’t situation (have wonky sprite layout in sites like

I haven’t made up my own mind whether I’m for or against Gecko supporting these properties, but it’s something I’ll be keeping on my radar. But if you’re making sites today I would shy away from its usage (and stick to the good ol’ background-position) until browser support is 100%.